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Superfly 8 in the snow 2

How to keep yourself motivated

Staying motivated is essential to success, yet it’s so easy to feel unmotivated. Maybe the weather is bad, it’s off-season, or maybe you are just not feeling like it. It happens to everyone, so here are my top tips that (hopefully) help you with keeping yourself motivated.


My Mountain Bike Archive

In this post, I will be showing you all the bikes I have owned ever since I was a child. Due to my young age the list is not very long yet, but it’s a start I guess?

Bikestand finished. 0

Do It Yourself — Simple Bike Stand

Have you ever needed something to keep your bike upright and a full sized bike repair stand just feels too cumbersome? Then this bike stand might be just for you. Blueprints available!

Camelbak Classic 0

Camelbak Classic Hydration Pack — Review

Camelbak Classic has been on the market for a long time. For a good reason, since it comes with anything you could ask for in a small package. Despite the packs’ overall size, it comes with 2,5 liter Camelbak Crux-hydration bladder and a half a liter pocket for the bare essentials.

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Chinese Carbon Fiber Saddles — Review

Thanks to advances in manufacturing technologies the price of Carbon fiber bikes and components has gone down rapidly. In fact, today you can get a full Carbon fiber saddle online for less than 20$. Sounds good right? That’s why we’re reviewing two different models today.

Superfly 8 in the snow 0

Making my Mountain Bike lighter — Introduction

In January 2017, my Trek Superfly 8 used to weight 14,2 kg. That was just too heavy for Cross Country bike, so something needed to be done. That’s why I started this project of making my mountain bike lighter just to see how light I could make it with a reasonable budget.

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Trek Superfly 8 — Review

As my first post, I’m going to review my current bike, a Trek Superfly 8 2015 model. Having owned it since September 2016 and after riding several thousand kilometers on it, I have got a pretty good feel of the bike.