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Do It Yourself — Portable Workbench

A proper workbench is a helpful tool for nearly any project. Unfortunately, most workbenches are too big and heavy to be used in apartment buildings. However, by following this guide you can make your own portable workbench that doesn’t take up much space when folded! Blueprints available!

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Syncros Speed 180 Saddle Bag — Review

Syncros Speed 180 saddle bag is probably one of the lightest saddle bags on the market right now. Despite weighing just 21 grams, thanks to its clever design you can still fit the bare essentials on it.

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Do It Yourself — Ass Saver rear fender

An Ass Saver rear mudguard is essentially a piece of plastic that fits right underneath your saddle. Despite the minimalistic design, it does keep your ass dry, or at least drier. Thanks to its simple design it is also easy to make one at home. Blueprints available!

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How to make Energy Bars, no baking required

With this recipe making energy bars is so simple that you will never need to buy them from a store again. No baking is required, and it only takes a moment of your time to make energy bars with this recipe. The only required kitchen machine is a blender. These bars are easy to customize for your taste and finding a combination that you like is easy. These are non-dairy and can be made nut free too.

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Polar M400 sports watch — Review

Polar M400 is Polar’s mid-priced sports watch with GPS tracking built into it. Its main features include 24/7 activity tracking, Polar’s Smart Coaching, Bluetooth connectivity, customizable sports profiles and smart notifications. All this built into a relatively stylish, lightweight and waterproof casing makes it great for everyday usage. It comes in Black, white, red and blue.

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How I got in shape by Mountain Biking

Over the last six months, I have been able to lose over 10 kg / 22 pounds and significantly improve my stamina and endurance. It wasn’t easy and it definitely required hard work, but after going through with it I can say it was well worth it.

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Do It Yourself — Simple Camera Stand for Smartphones

Nowadays, most people have a smartphone with a decent camera on it. For someone on a budget, it’s an affordable way to get some third person shots of themselves riding. However, it might be tricky to set up the camera and get the angle right, but luckily making this camera stand for your smartphone is easy and costs you less than 5€. Blueprints available!


My Mountain Bike Archive

In this post, I will be showing you all the bikes I have owned ever since I was a child. Due to my young age the list is not very long yet, but it’s a start I guess?

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Shimano XC51-N MTB SPD Shoes — Review

Shimano XC51 MTB shoes are Shimano’s entry lever SPD compatible XC shoes featuring Shimano Dynalast Technology. There are two different models in the market. The standard XC51 is a more traditional mountain biking shoe with a breathable mesh upper, whereas the XC51-N version comes with a sealed upper. The shoe comes with a low-profile micro-adjust buckle alongside with two velcro straps to securely hold your foot. Other features include a nylon-reinforced sole and synthetic leather build for added protection and durability.

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Do It Yourself — Simple Bike Stand

Have you ever needed something to keep your bike upright and a full sized bike repair stand just feels too cumbersome? Then this bike stand might be just for you. Blueprints available!