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Winter cycling by the river 0

Guide to Winter Cycling

Winter cycling is great fun but it can also cause a great deal of frustration. Dressing up for winter cycling isn’t easy and if you get the clothing wrong, it often means a ruined ride. Therefore, I decided to write this guide and hopefully, make your next winter ride nicer.

Mountain bike mudguards installed 8

Do It Yourself — Mountain Bike Mudguards

While mountain bike mudguards are not going to up the cool factor of your bike, they can definitely be helpful at keeping you and your bike cleaner and drier. I have already made a guide on how to make a simple front fender, but this time we’ll be making a rear mounted one. Read more for blueprints and instructions.

Adjustable bike rack in use 0

Do It Yourself — Adjustable Bike Rack

Do you need something simple that will hold your bikes upright and works with tires of any width? Look no further, because this Bike Rack is adjustable and will fit most tire sizes with ease. It’s easy to build and can be customized to hold more than two bikes too! Detailed instructions, blueprints and a video available.

Testing setup for USB power pack light 0

How to run a light from a USB Power Pack

USB Power packs are handy for charging your cell phone, but could you use them to power your bike lights too? That’s what I wanted to find out so I decided to experiment with an old light and USB power pack. The results were definitely surprising!

Magnetic tube clip finished 1

Do It Yourself — Magnetic Tube Clip

Many higher end hydration packs include a magnetic tube clip for the hydration tube/hose. It makes clipping the tube in and out quicker and more effortless. Unfortunately, neither my Camelbak Classic or Camelbak Ratchet hydration packs came with a magnetic tube clip by default, so I decided to make my own. I wanted to make it universal in case I end up getting yet another pack. Blueprints available!

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Do It Yourself — Portable Workbench

A proper workbench is a helpful tool for nearly any project. Unfortunately, most workbenches are too big and heavy to be used in apartment buildings. However, by following this guide you can make your own portable workbench that doesn’t take up much space when folded! Blueprints available!

Ass Saver 0

Do It Yourself — Ass Saver rear fender

An Ass Saver rear mudguard is essentially a piece of plastic that fits right underneath your saddle. Despite the minimalistic design, it does keep your ass dry, or at least drier. Thanks to its simple design it is also easy to make one at home. Blueprints available!

Energy bars 0

How to make Energy Bars, no baking required

With this recipe making energy bars is so simple that you will never need to buy them from a store again. No baking is required, and it only takes a moment of your time to make energy bars with this recipe. The only required kitchen machine is a blender. These bars are easy to customize for your taste and finding a combination that you like is easy. These are non-dairy and can be made nut free too.

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Do It Yourself — Simple Camera Stand for Smartphones

Nowadays, most people have a smartphone with a decent camera on it. For someone on a budget, it’s an affordable way to get some third person shots of themselves riding. However, it might be tricky to set up the camera and get the angle right, but luckily making this camera stand for your smartphone is easy and costs you less than 5€. Blueprints available!

Bikestand finished. 0

Do It Yourself — Simple Bike Stand

Have you ever needed something to keep your bike upright and a full sized bike repair stand just feels too cumbersome? Then this bike stand might be just for you. Blueprints available!