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Reviews of all sorts of bike gear and gadgets. New reviews will be posted and existing ones updated regularly. Feedback is highly appreciated whether it’s positive or negative. I want to improve my posts, so don’t hesitate to leave feedback!

Trek jersey 0

Affordable Thermal Cycling Jersey — Review

Have you ever looked for cycling specific clothing with the word “thermal” on it, and nearly fell off your chair once you saw the price? Luckily big online stores are full of affordable, made in China -options. But are they any good? That’s what I wanted to find out.

Solarstorm X2 mounted on Fox Flux helmet 0

SolarStorm X2 — Reviewed and tested

SolarStorm X2 offers lots of lumens, decent battery life and solid build quality for very little money. It all sounds just too good to be true, there must be some drawbacks, right? Read more to find out.

Camelbak Podium Chill water bottle 2

Camelbak Podium Chill Water Bottle — Review

Camelbak Podium Chill water bottle is claimed to keep your water cooler for twice as long as a regular water bottle. Paired with the good features found on a regular Podium water bottle, this should be one of the better water bottles on the market.

Merida Ride 300 tested 0

Merida Ride 300 Road Bike — Review

Merida Ride 300 is Merida’s entry level road bike. Thanks to its more relaxed geometry it’s a great choice for beginners looking into getting their first bike, or for riders who are not flexible enough for full on race geometry.

CONTEC PG1 multi-tool weight 0

CONTEC PG1 Multi-tool — Review

CONTEC PG1 multi-tool is an impressive tool for just 15€. Thanks to its clever and minimalistic design, the multi-tool packs all the necessary features into a very lightweight and compact package.

Camelbak Ratchet 0

Camelbak Ratchet — Tested and Reviewed

Camelbak Ratchet comes with a 3-liter Crux hydration reservoir and 3 liters of storage for the essentials. Other features include breathable air mesh back panel and external helmet hooks. It also comes with a removable stability belt, a feature we would have liked to see on Camelbak Classic. Weighing just around 300 grams, it’s also the lightest hydration pack with 3-liter reservoir from Camelbak.

Hylix stem weight 0

Hylix Stems — Tested and Reviewed

Hylix is a Chinese brand that produces affordable mountain bike and bicycle parts and accessories. The tested stems were certainly affordable with the prices starting from 15€. What makes them stand out from other similarly priced stems is their weight or lack of it. Light weight and even lighter price tag, sounds like a recipe for a disaster.

Syncros Speed 180 saddle bag 0

Syncros Speed 180 Saddle Bag — Review

Syncros Speed 180 saddle bag is probably one of the lightest saddle bags on the market right now. Despite weighing just 21 grams, thanks to its clever design you can still fit the bare essentials on it.

Polar M400 0

Polar M400 sports watch — Review

Polar M400 is Polar’s mid-priced sports watch with GPS tracking built into it. Its main features include 24/7 activity tracking, Polar’s Smart Coaching, Bluetooth connectivity, customizable sports profiles and smart notifications. All this built into a relatively stylish, lightweight and waterproof casing makes it great for everyday usage. It comes in Black, white, red and blue.

Shimano XC51 -N shoes. 0

Shimano XC51-N MTB SPD Shoes — Review

Shimano XC51 MTB shoes are Shimano’s entry lever SPD compatible XC shoes featuring Shimano Dynalast Technology. There are two different models in the market. The standard XC51 is a more traditional mountain biking shoe with a breathable mesh upper, whereas the XC51-N version comes with a sealed upper. The shoe comes with a low-profile micro-adjust buckle alongside with two velcro straps to securely hold your foot. Other features include a nylon-reinforced sole and synthetic leather build for added protection and durability.