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Category: Projects

This category is committed to all the projects I am or have been working on. Feedback is highly appreciated whether it’s positive or negative. I want to improve my posts, so don’t hesitate to leave feedback!

Making my bike lighter part 5 0

Making my Mountain Bike lighter — Part 5

In part 5 we focused on improving the comfort of the bike. Furthermore, having switched back to bottles meant figuring out the lightest possible way to carry the essential tools and spares. We are not there just yet, but we are getting closer.

Hills 0

Making my Mountain Bike lighter — Part 4

In part 4, we focused on rotational mass. Therefore, lighter tires, wheels and brake rotors were installed. After all the modifications we ended up with a lot lighter bike.

Creek crossing 0

Making my Mountain Bike lighter — Part 2

In part 2, we focused on the tools and spares we were carrying on the bike. It turned out all the gear I was carrying on my bike wasn’t necessary, but just extra weight.

Superfly 8 in the snow 0

Making my Mountain Bike lighter — Introduction

In January 2017, my Trek Superfly 8 used to weight 14,2 kg. That was just too heavy for Cross Country bike, so something needed to be done. That’s why I started this project of making my mountain bike lighter just to see how light I could make it with a reasonable budget.