Monthly Archive: October 2017

How much does brake rotor size affect braking performance 3

Do larger rotors affect braking performance?

Have you ever wondered by just how much larger rotors affect braking performance? So have I, and as a Mechanical Engineering student, I decided to practice my physics skills and calculate rough estimates for different sized rotors. Turned out larger rotors can increase the braking power by almost 30%!

Blog Update Picture 0

Blog Update — October, 2017

It has been five months since I published my first post on BikeCraftNetwork. A lot has changed ever since and in the recent future, the blog will be going through a major overhaul, which includes revamping the name. More about that in the update.

Solarstorm X2 mounted on Fox Flux helmet 0

SolarStorm X2 — Reviewed and tested

SolarStorm X2 offers lots of lumens, decent battery life and solid build quality for very little money. It all sounds just too good to be true, there must be some drawbacks, right? Read more to find out.

Maintain your bike when you are sick 0

Cycling related things to do when you are Sick

Everyone gets sick sometimes and unfortunately, it stops you from doing any physical activities altogether. Luckily, there are plenty of cycling related things you can do indoors while waiting for your recovery. Here are some of my favorites.

Mountain bike mudguards installed 2

Do It Yourself — Mountain Bike Mudguards

While mountain bike mudguards are not going to up the cool factor of your bike, they can definitely be helpful at keeping you and your bike cleaner and drier. I have already made a guide on how to make a simple front fender, but this time we’ll be making a rear mounted one. Read more for blueprints and instructions.